Brenda has created a Sacred Healing space for everyone to come together on Saturday nights under the full moon. She is hosting outdoor events that include a 30 minute Sound Baths with Crystal Bowls played by Brenda in the Labyrinth under the stars, with a sacred fire.

Followed by Earth Magic - learn to connect with the Earth, the Dragons, or we create a magical experience, then a beautiful meditation taken you beyond the Vail to connect with you Higher-Self, the Angelic Realm, and your Galactic families! 

Truly a magical experience!


This group is for Sound Lovers, Spiritual Healers, Holistic Practitioners, Psychics - Mediumship, E.T Experience's, Earth Magic Practitioners, Elementals,  Dragon Lovers and every Person that wants to Heal the Planet & themselves!


The planet is shifting are you?

Is your soul calling for more?

Have you found your tribe yet?


These events are life changing bringing us together as one,

one community, one support system, one love for all.


I hope you give yourself permission to experience these amazing energies, love and healing that are magical. I can't wait to meet you at these events!

Much Love, Brenda


To see event dates please go to my meetup link below, all events are prepaid, if you need to pay at the door please email me.

Go to:



Phoenix Psychic Fair

Sheraton Phoenix Crescent: 2620 W. Dunlap Avenue, Phoenix. AZ 85021

Dates: May 29, 2022, July 24, 2022, October 9th, 2022, December 4, 2022



Integrative Wellness Expo

October  2022