Achieve Inner Peace


Brenda is an Intuitive healer, who specialized in healing work.

She is a Crystal Sound Energy Practitioner working with harmonies and vibrations. Music is the universal language. The human voice is the most personal of all instruments because it's resonance creates a direct communication with the heart. Sound allows us to choose to shift any mental program cemented in thought!

She is a Reiki Master, teacher she focuses on revealing “The Way of the Soul” with her clients. This is an amazing journey of self-discovery, self-truths and self-understanding.        

The most dear to her heart is her Art work, she is a Spirit Artist, tapping into the Universal Matrix creating breath taken art creations.

Sessions Available: Sound Healing with Crystal Tone Singing Bowls, Crystal Therapy, Reiki Treatments, Spiritual Life Coaching, Chakra Balancing, and Guided Meditations.

The power of vibration heals the DNA, grounds the body & clears the mind for the ultimate alignment. Pure sound waves stream through as stress & pain disappear to create a profound state of peace & harmony.

Balancing your Energies, your Heart, your Physical body, your Emotional system, your Mental & your Spiritual body with Love

ALL EVENTS go to: The Art of Spiritual Healing, Sound Energy Practitioner, AZ

Sessions Available:

Sound Therapy with Crystal Tone Singing Bowls
Crystal Therapy
Reiki Treatments
Spiritual Life Coaching

Workshops, Classes or Private:

Crystal Tone Singing Bowl Workshop
Crystal Workshop
Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath – Concerts