The Sanctuary of Spiritual Healing ~ Find the Healer from With~In

Brenda is a Sound and Frequency Practitioner, Unity Field Healing Practitioner Quantum DNA Healer, Reiki Master, a Spirit Artist, Spiritual Life Coach with Guided Meditations.

She specializes in the Quantum field using Frequencies & Alchemy's.

She teaches you to "Find the Healer from Within" a magical process of transformation!

She has a Master Degree in Global Business Management & served in U.S Army National Guard

 Sound is the universal language. The human voice is the most personal of all instruments because its resonance creates a direct communication with the heart. Sound allows us to choose to shift any mental program cemented in thought!

She teaches you to find the Healer from With In using frequencies.

The dearest to her heart is her Artwork, she is a Spirit Artist, tapping into the Universal Matrix creating breath taking art creations.

Sessions Available: Unity Field Healing - Quantum Sound Healing with Crystal Tone Singing Bowls,

Crystal Therapy, Sound Baths, Spiritual Life Coaching, and Guided Meditations.

She sells Crystal Bowls, offers Classes, Retreats and Sound baths!


The power of frequencies heals the DNA, grounds the body & clears the mind for the ultimate alignment.

Pure sound waves stream through as stress & pain disappear to create a profound state of peace & harmony.

Balancing your Energies, Heart, Physical body, Emotional system, Mental & Spiritual bodies with Love

Brenda believes that everyone has the capacity to live an enlightened life,

she teaches you how to leave the 3D matrix of a false reality and

embrace higher dimensions with your angelic higher self, tapping into your soul’s purpose.

Recalibrate your system, Heal Deeply, Manifest + Energize


crystal bowls

  Crystal Bowl Sale!

Free 2 hour Crystal Bowl Class with purchase of Crystal Bowls!

Sound Healing is one of the most powerful modalities that exists on Earth today for deep levels of transformational healing on a multi-dimensional level for the heart, body, mind, and spirit.

Do you feel called to work with the exquisite harmonics of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls in your personal life or healing practice

Are you on a path of self discovery/spiritual awakening

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FREE 2 hour introductory class - FREE with the purchase of Crystal Bowls

Learn effective core Sound Healing techniques including:

  • The essentials of sound healing and how to play crystal bowls
  • What and how do Crystal Singing Bowls work.
  • Setting mindful intentions + meditation and playing techniques.
  • How gemstones, minerals, and precious metals mixed with crystal assist in the healing process of the body, mind, and spirit.

Call today to schedule you session to purchase your Crystal Bowl Set!

Phone: 480-501-3435

Email: [email protected]

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crystal bowls

Brenda is an Spiritual Artist. She has created with Spirit a beautiful Inspiration Deck of Cards created from her Art Work!                                           

Personal channeled messaged on each card that helps you balance the energy in your spiritual, mental, emotional body! $39.00 each. shipping in the US is free.